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И мы обязательно свяжемся с вами! А так же всегда работает онлайн чат - найти его можно справа внизу.
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You are building.
We bring a client from the Internet
into your real business.
Marketing in 2021 must have a complex approach.
And we are ready to give it to you: in our office, with our specialists – individually for YOUR project!
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Digital marketing is a lifeline for your business during the pandemic
The world has changed. Now the Internet is the only platform for finding a client.
And we will find it for you.
We know the path of a client from the Internet to your office
See ads
We know how to make your advertisement visible to the client.
Think about buying
The purpose of advertising is not to satisfy demand, but to CREATE IT
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We will make the client
YOUR forever!
Close the deal!
We will guide the client until the deal. Otherwise, why are we here!
Without false modesty, we are professionals in the most important areas of real estate marketing
Market analysis
Our experience in real estate is more over 10 years.
And the Georgian market is one of our priorities.
Sales strategy
We have sold thousands of square meters in a constant crisis. Therefore, we know HOW!
Marketing strategy
The market as a living organism is constantly changing. We follow trends, stay ahead of events.
We create trends.
Trainings for managers and leaders
To be "on the wave", you need to constantly learn.
We learn and share our knowledge.
Marketing budget
We know how and love to count money.
That says it all.
Motivation system
How to inspire employees to work effectively?
Money. And not only!
We know what tools are needed at each stage
Site development
The site is your only showcase. So rub it to a shine – let your client fall in love with you at first sight!
Online sales
Even under quarantine conditions, you can show sales growth! We know how.
Setting up an advertising campaign
In sales, as in politics, every word is important. We will find YOUR target audience and select the right words for it.
Content plan
Having a showcase is good. But how to fill it? We are creative, with you - applause!
Video Production
What is the best way to convey your idea to the client? We will do it efficiently, stylishly, and of course with soul.
Are you a Facebook user? Great, your customers too! Let's find them together.
3D visualization
We know how to turn your fantastic idea from your head into reality!
Your head is good, but CRM is better! You don't have to keep all clients in a notebook or memory.
Training center
Do your managers work for you?
And they must work for the result!
Cases? Cases. Cases!
ROADMAP of complex solution
You can take each service separately.
But it will really works only in combination
Research of audience
and competitors
Competent work always starts with analysis.
Find out your target audience, research your competitors, and you are guaranteed
to enter the list of market leaders.
Marketing strategy development
Acting according to plan means working deliberately, structurally, and with maximum efficiency. Improvisation is possible only if you have a plan!
Site development
The site is your name, face, costume and reputation. How customers see you depends 100% on how you are presented on the Internet.
Graphic design and visualization helps the buyer to present your product. Even if physically it doesn't exist yet.
Building an ecosystem of landing pages and SMM
The Internet is as endless as space.
It's important to take as much space
around your client as possible.
CRM system connection
The era of handwritten notebooks is in the past. CRM-system is a reliable storage of information and "personal secretary" of your manager.
Training program and supervision of
the sales department
Without effective managerial work, everything else loses its meaning. Our task is to connect all the stages with each other so that you are satisfied with the result!
What do you get?
Our motto is "We care!"
Complete market analytics
A detailed analysis of the market and competitors in the current situation is not just our understanding of reality. This is a detailed methodological guide to help you act today and for the future.
Effective budget of the ads campaign
We value every dollar you invest. Therefore, we strive for the most effective advertising campaign setup. The less a lead costs, the better the conversion should be. Is it logical?
We think so too!
Full immersion in the process
Your sales department is under our strict supervision. This means that each incoming request has been processed 100%! You don't have to worry about anything. Now the efficiency of your sales department is our concern!
While the borders are closed for quarantine,
life goes on with REDAGENCY